More snow!

We are in the cruelest part of winter now, when spring seems an illusion. Adding to the frustration are the neccessities of work. This weekend, I had a cup of coffee with some friends while trying to keep up with my must-do list (the shawl for an upcoming lace class), and was feeling rather put upon. Too much to do, and I’d rather be working on some of my other stalled for time projects.

So there I am, feeling sorry for myself. Here I am on my day off and what am I doing? Work. KH had just got a new camera for his work and was having fun playing around with it. Living with a photographer for several decades, you learn to ignore camera shutter noises (much like Dave ignores the click of needles). This picture was the result. I must say it stopped me in my tracks. Who cares that the project is ultimately for work? I love to knit, and I love knitting beautiful things. What’s to feel sorry about? The snow will stop, spring will come, and I will have a lace shawl.