It’s been a strange month. I got a new car.

Occassionally my life has a tendency to turn itself upside down. This past month was one of those times. The early days of June were great (other than that beastly 103 degree day), garden coming up, knitting projects progressing, all well with my world. And then everything shifted.

My old car, 11 years old and putt putting along just fine, was sitting parked at the curb, minding its own business when a taxicab driver ‘lost focus’ while speeding on a residential street. The result was he turned into my parked car, hitting it from the side, and driving it 27 feet from the impact. Wow. Think about it. 27 feet is a long way for a car in park to be tossed by an impact.

Another small fact. This is one half block from an elementary school. Was the driver texting? reaching for papers? Was it worth it? Thank goodness it was my car, and not someone’s irreplacable child.

As it was, I spent the next several weeks running 2 stores and shopping for a replacement car by bus. Not much fun. I think arguing with the insurance industry just added a je ne sais quoi to the entire experience. I’ve lost my “good driver’s rate” for the next 3 years and will have to pay higher premiums.

The hardest thing has been to try to keep prospective. Yes, my old car was unique. Yes, I loved that car. Yes, people were amused because an avid tree hugger also had the strange habit of telling strangers “I love this car” while patting it on the hood. But still, it was only a car. Thank heavens. So now everyone slow down, because if you are very lucky the 30 seconds you think you are saving in your busy life by speeding/texting/losing focus may only ruin a middle aged woman’s month, and not your own and someone else’s life.